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27 Mar 2017
ExpiredMachine Learning for Lawyers
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As emphasized in a recent article, “Drawing Aces” on LTN, and in our article, “Lawyers and Machine Learning” on Bloomberg, Data Science and Machine Learning (ML) are giving law firms their next competitive advantage. Education in this area conveys multiple benefits: it will help you understand and apply ML offering from vendors more effectively, and give your law firm a progressive image, to name just a few. Perhaps most importantly, it will enable you to apply data analytics, visualization, and machine learning in handling your cases and in general in conducting your law firm’s business.

Elephant Scale has pulled together its resources to produce the best education track in this area, intended for lawyers and legal tech support. The stellar team of trainers will lead you through the benefits and uses of data analytics, machine learning, and visualization tools. The course uses multiple legal use cases. It maintains an optimal balance of theory and practice through a combination of 50% lecture, 50% lab work.

Duration: 2 days

Audience: Lawyers, legal tech support, paralegals.

be technical and hands-on

learn to collect data for analysis
visualize data for quick ideas
extract insights with analytics
get deeper insights with machine learning
present your findings visually
become your practice’s hero 🙂

Lab environment:

Working installed tools will be provided in the cloud. Students will only need a browser and remote desktop connection.
Zero Install: There is no need to install software on students’ machines.
After the course, the students will get all the materials, labs, and instructions on tools install for use in their work.

Course Outline:

Section 1: Data

Data collection
Data cleaning with tools
Success stories

Section 2: Visualization

Converting your data into graphs
Tools for quick insights
Coming up with suggestions
Legal use cases

Section 3: Basic data analytics

Removing outliers
Finding trends
Hotspotting alarms
Looking at your firm’s data with business intelligence tools

Section 4: Machine learning

Trend analysis for planning
Detecting troublesome clients
Assigning value to cases
Detecting need for experts and automation

  • Coming soon
    April 26, 2017
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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