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31 Jan 2014
A new book by Packt, on which I am a reviewer. Also, see my Amazon review for it here. Also, I am an official Packt... Read More
31 Jan 2014
Cartoon – Announcing Hadoop (TM) Coin
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With Bitcoin market cap at reported 12B, and with the Hadoop yearly market targeting 4B by 2017, this is an apples-to-oranges comparison, and it is as... Read More
22 Jan 2014
This step-by-step guide walks through installing a Hadoop 2 on a single node. We use TAR files. This is ideal for setting up a... Read More
26 Dec 2013
Cartoon – Apache Hadoop Books
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It used to be that Hadoop books (good or bad) were far and few in between. Now, however, it’s different. In the words of... Read More
11 Dec 2013
If you are building a Java project that has Hadoop or HBase dependency  (for example a Java mapreduce application), here is a simple POM.xml... Read More
09 Dec 2013
Hadoop has hundreds of configurable parameters. Â And Hadoop admins and developers spend a lot of time tweaking these settings. I wanted a quick... Read More
13 Nov 2013
Hadoop in Cloud — Plenty of Choices
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Want to run Hadoop in the cloud? Good news is, right about now you have some pretty good choices from major cloud providers. 1)... Read More