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17 Nov 2015
Speaking @ Predictive Analytics and Big Data Conference (2015-11-16)
Sujee ManiyamPosted in: Speaking 0

Sujee Maniyam is speaking at the following conference.

Predictive Analytics and Big Data
Conference Agenda (pdf)

When : 

Burlingame, CA

Modern Big Data Design Patterns

Abstract :
Big Data ecosystem is growing rapidly. Every week there is a new ‘cool’ project coming out. As an enterprise architect how do you decide which technologies to adopt? Should you stay conservative with the tried and true or should you be on the bleeding edge?
These are not easy questions to answer; most of the times the answer is ‘it depends’ 🙂

In this talk we are going to take a different approach to tackle this question. We will consider a few use cases and suggest a Big Data stack for each use case. Our use cases include ETL workloads, streaming data and real time dashboards

We will also highlight some of the up and coming technologies in the Big Data ecosystem


Architects, Developers, IT Managers

Talk Duration
45 mins – 1 hr

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